Outliner plugin & Minimal Theme: Vertical indentation line click action: "Toggle Folding" not working

How can I get “Toggle Fold” in outlines to work?

The “obsidian-outliner”-Plugin has the option: Vertical indentation line click action → “Toggle Folding”:

As I understand it, this should help to click a vertical line (1) of an outline (or list) to fold the chosen levels (2):

Why doesn’t it work for me? Do I Miss something?

You have to click the little arrow things next to each list item, to fold and unfold. Or use a keyboard shortcut.

Thanks for your response!

What I’m looking for is a solution to fold both lists (the List under Term A and under Term B) with only one click (on the vertical line).

Hi @art.genosse, I retitled your post so people who might help can see what the problem is. If you’d like it changed again, just let me know.

(For posterity: original title was “Outline like in roam or logsiq with “Toggle Fold””.)

i’m assuming you’re trying this on reading view. the click vertical line to toggle folding (for outliner plugin) can only be done in editing view (live preview or source mode).


hm… for now, it doesn’t work in any view

maybe u can test it on sandbox vault - with only the outliner plugin installed. here’s a gif on my outliner click to toggle.

Recording 2022-05-19 at 12.04.49

ok… you are completely right…

I made a new Vault and did two things with it:

  1. installed the outliner-plugin (toggle fold worked!)
  2. installed the minimal theme (toggle fold stopped working)

Does anybody use the outliner-plugin with the minimal theme and uses toggle folding via vertical indentation lines?

@efemkay what theme do you use?

i use default dark theme with my own personal tweak via css snippets.

ah, thanks for your answer!

It is the same for me - it works with the default theme, but when I change to Minimal Theme it doesn’t work anymore.

Does anybody have a similar experience? or even a solution for that?

There should be a thread here for Minimal theme and I’m pretty sure it has a Github page too. If no one has a solution here you should post an issue on the GitHub (or see if there is one already there for that).

I had no idea you could click on those lines to fold/unfold!

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