Outliner mode (similar to Logseq, Roam, Dynalist)

Here is a request for using a hotkey to indent from within line just like shift Tab (which already works like that): Hotkey to Indent Entire Line Regardless of Cursor Position

And here is a request for rearranging: Rearrange parts of note



Been wanting this from the beginning… An outliner mode is more than possible- it’s jusy a matter of the right person developing a plugin to make it happen…

The devs have stated that they won’t implement an outliner in core, but that they believe it’s only a matter of time until a plugin is created.

I agree with all the points raised here- we need a friction-free outliner mode.

I’ve heard a lot of talk that an outliner won’t work well with .md files but logseq has falsified that assumption as it’s an amazing .md based outliner.

Can’t wait for an outliner plugin in obsidian… it will definitely convert a lot of people to obsidian who otherwise can’t do without the outlining workflow of roam/etc.


+1 here from an OmniOutliner user. The current TAB situation in my notes is a total mess, indenting/outdenting is not consistent, sometimes it seems to cover two tabs instead of one; I tried indenting in VIM mode and that introduced a third length of the tab space. It all looks ugly and distracting.

I envision outlining entirely from the keyboard, so that, no matter where the cursor is in a line:

  • [ ] Line can be indented, no effect elsewhere
  • [ ] Line can be indented, carrying with it its sub-levels (so that each one will get a further indentation)
  • [ ] Line can be outdented, no effect elsewhere
  • [ ] Line can be outdented, carrying with it its sub-levels (so that each one will get a further outdentation)
  • [ ] A new line can be added above, retaining current level (currently possible but it doesn’t retain checklist box)
  • [ ] A new line can be added below, retaining current level (currently possible but it doesn’t retain checklist box)
  • [x] Line can be deleted (currently possible)
  • [x] Line can be split at cursor, creating new line with same outlining style (bullet, number, list; currently possible)
  • [ ] Line can join up its parent or line above (i.e. cut the whole line, get rid of bullet, add a space to line above, append)
  • [ ] Header above gets folded
  • [x] Checklist status can be toggled (currently possible)
  • [x] Line can be moved up/down (currently possible)
  • [x] Line can be toggled between styles (currently possible)

If I had to sum it up, I’d say that Obsidian outlining feels way too precious compared to other tools.

For me, I’ve found that bullet based outlining in Obsidian (Using minimal theme with vertical lines turned on in the the Minimal plug-in) works and displays better than Markdown header based outlining, but even that requires the cursor to be in just the right place and copying, moving things around often breaks things.


Yes, it’s definitely fragile when it comes to outlining.

I sure hope they consider integrating solid Outliner features into core. Seems so integral to the thought process & writing.


Thanks @NotesFTW remind outliner feature again. My thread was archived Hope enhance outliner mode experience in Obsidian

I would really like to see some enhanced tab behaviour along the features described in this thread.

Especially being able to hit tab to indent a bullet list line even when I am not right next to the bullet point but anywhere within the line would help… Also being able to move items around/reorder them …


I’ll add block inline embeddings. Maybe not a feature inherent to an outliner, but certainly helpful since the outlining experience is all about ideas flowing. Obsidian already has block embeddings but the way they show breaks the flow of the outline.

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Logseq implements a roam-like outliner mode, all backed by regular markdown files. It would be cool if Obsidian could do the same


I’ll just post this thread here: Logseq and Obsidian.md Colaboration Projects - Feature Requests - Logseq

In particular @tienson’s response :wink:


A Logseq and Obsidian collaboration / integration would be awesome! But until then, I’m just hoping for some basic outlining improvements to make it more usable for me during ideation (mainly… stick to bullet mode, better tabbing, and drag & drop section capability).


You beat me to it… was gonna post that thread in the forum here…

Tl;dr - the logseq dev said they would support and donate to anyone who would write a logseq-integrated outliner plugin for obsidian :raised_hands:

Also, the Obsidian devs have stated many times that they will not implement an outliner in core, so this thread should probably be moved to the plugins forum.


Related: Treat a selected folder in File Explorer as a note in edit/preview window - #4 by brian23498324

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I think an argument can be made to have this as a core plugin.

I thought I posted something about this on the forum, can’t seem to find it now…
Found it (https://forum.obsidian.md/t/fully-transclude-backlinks

/325/64?u=mabdallay) Although this is in relation to backlinks, my request for an outliner core plugin is the same — A more inclusive design for all! :slight_smile:

As others have noted, some things are already possible either directly or via css and shortcuts. It’s likely that we will add more shorcuts to make folding/unfolding faster.

A full blown outliner (with the relative data structure) is probably better developed as plugin.

I am gonna move this to plugins and open a FR for indent/unindent. (there was already one)


Any thought of a Dynalist “like” plugin - something to allow the power of an outline “inside” of a given note/document. Given the developer’s background with Dynalist, maybe some code could be reused?

I could see a plugin to embed a Dynalist view, but would much rather have a way of dealing with outlines inside of the existing app - one of my issues with Dynalist is the “cloud nature” - I prefer local, under my control, in my git repository.

Just a thought - sorry if I’m late to the game.


I agree this would be great :slight_smile:


In my opinion, the possibility to have it would attract some people to the community


An outliner plugin for Obsidian would be great. Right now I am using Dynalist, but I prefer local storage for my outline.

I would like to know if there are more people interested in this, so that this could motivate developers to make an outliner plugin with functionality like Dynalist / Workflowy.


moo.do is an outliner app that uses local storage in addition to cloud storage. It has many more features than Dynalist, but can be a bit buggy. IMO, the features compensate for the bugs