Outliner: highlight location of cursor

It would help navigation in Edit and Preview mode if the relevant header is highlights the position of the cursor.


+1. Good idea, very useful if it be implemented.

I can’t believe that this never got any love. A couple of years ago, when they added location highlighting to the File Explorer, I thought for sure they would do the same for the Outline. Anyone who writes more than a few screens of text would benefit from this.

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@goodsignal I am glad you put it like this. But, since only 11 people have upvoted it so far, I very much doubt it’ll be high on the list of priorities.

That’s 11 more upvotes than File Explorer highlighting. I don’t recall anyone feature requesting the File Explorer to get navigation highlights. They just added it.

It seems people often don’t realize how much better a UI can be with some small improvements like this.

And if we include the other thread, it’s up to 37 upvotes! Still small but I’m surprised mods haven’t combined them.

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@goodsignal yes, you are right, I had forgotten about that one!
Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they implement this.

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