Outline resets when creating/modifying headings

When you toggle create or modify a heading in your note, the Outline Core Plugin resets (expands) all toggle states in its pane. Here’s a video of me reproducing it in the Help Vault with a sample note.

Steps to reproduce

  • Have a note with multiple layers of headings
  • Toggle one or more of the headings in the Outline Core Plugin
  • Create a new heading section / Edit one of the existing ones

Expected result

The collapsed bullet items in the Outline Core Plugin pane should remain collapsed.

Actual result

All collapsed items in the Outline Core Plugin pane expand / reset to their initial state.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur 11.6
  • Obsidian version: 12.15

Additional information

This is not a breaking glitch but I find it quite annoying as I navigate and edit long notes. Haven’t found any workaround yet.

If you’re reading this: are you able to reproduce it or is it only me?

We don’t support this. Please search/open a Feature Request.

Sorry to drag this further, but I must ask just so I can understand and not repeat the mistake in the future: The problem with my report is that this issue is not considered a bug, or this specific core feature is not supported? I thought since it’s not a third party plugin, it’d be supported. :sweat_smile:

Your issue is not considered a bug but something to implement in the future.

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FR for reference: Outline expands when typing

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