Outline in Document

Use case or problem

I’d love to have an option to see the Outline links on the note itself. Similar to how Notion does it.

Proposed solution

Have a toggle to show the Outline links on the document themselves, similar to the functionality of the Backlinks in Document for the Backlinks plugin.

Also add an option in the settings to fold the outlines by default.

Current workaround (optional)

None. Must always refer to the Outline panel.


Even better would be a POPUP. Either as a modal box/window that can be dragged around and repositioned anywhere on screen and floats on top of all windows (think of it like a layer panel or color picker panel in a photo editing app). OR easily toggle it on and off via a shortcut. Example: By holding down CMD (on macOS) + left click it brings up an outline window. After a click either to choose something in the outline window or a click anywhere else will close the outline window. The idea is to quickly navigate the file via an outliner.


This would be great!

If I understood what you need correctly, I guess Dynamic Table of Content plugin does that exactly. It creates a table of contents (same idea and structure of the outline) inside the note.

I was also thinking about something like this. This can be especially useful for long notes, where one can quickly go to any section using the pop-up outline. This pop-up outline can be dragged around, e.g., outside the current pane or window. It feels like the Hover Editor plugin but this is for outline specifically.

+1 for this, i had the same problem before and came to the same conclusion, there is only dynamic toc plugin for this which actually adding a code block to the page instead of embedding it in a way to toggle it on and off. i think it should be a core feature.