Outline formatting is misleading when only some nodes have children

Obsidian 0.16.2 - standard Dark theme.

Consider the following Markdown:

# H1 - first

# H1 - second

## H2 - Example 1

## H2 - Example 2

# H1 - third

# H1 - fourth

Currently, this is rendered like this: (colored lines added for emphasis)

CleanShot 2022-09-05 at 12.13.15

It makes it appear as if H1 - second is a child of H1 - first, when in fact it isn’t. I don’t know if this can be fixed with CSS or if it requires under the hood changes.

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moved to FR

Feature request? why? this is a regression

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We appreciate the feedback but we don’t see it a bug.

And I’m only 5’8"

I don’t see myself as short :neutral_face:

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This is definitely a bug, not a feature. But if this is the Obsidian developers’ quirky way to prioritize, then I guess, so be it.