Outline expands all items every time I fold the parent!

Various settings and hotkeys

What I’m trying to do

I’m pulling my hair out constantly folding up my outline. I have a long outline with a few indent levels and I want to keep them all folded, unless I unfold it. But every time I fold/unfold a parent item, all of my folds are expanded! And then I have to manually fold them all again but they won’t stay that way.

Further, I was playing around with hotkeys to expand/close all, but the results either fold/unfold the whole outline or outline section.

Have you tried the Zoom plugin? It won’t exactly solve your problem but it might be helpful here.

I’m also not sure if the Outliner plugin will change this behaviour, but it might.

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this is nice, but it doesn’t prevent all my folded up lines don’t expand every time—is this the same behavior for everyone or something specific to me? I tried different themes to see if that did anything, but it’s the same problem.

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Same problem here. Would greatly appreciate a solution as well!

You may want to try the crease plugin.
You can set each heading or list as fold. Then use hotkey to unfold all, and activate crease to fold only the heading/list you want.

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