Origional NotetTitle changes when extracting text to new note

I would appreciate any input on what I might want to focus on to investigate and solve this issue, or if there are similar known issues.

Lately, I have noticed that my note titles change unexpectedly.

  1. Today, I extracted some text to a new note using Note Refactor, where I use the title of the selection for the title for the new note. That works fine, but then I noticed that the title of the original note also change to the same title as the extracted one!

  2. I have a similar problem using the Obsidian Markdown plugin in Firefox. The name of the extraction takes on the name of the last note I had opened in Obsidian and adds a number (the original is untouched).

Thanks in advance for any input

OK, I kind of solved the issue: plugins can not deal with some characters in the note name. In this case I had used the folder name == INBOX == to put new content in. I changed it to -INBOX- and it works

I was not aware that ‘=’ is not allowed in Obsidian names, and I can not quickly find any mention that it is not allowed, so thus my confusion

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