Ordered list items aren't aligned horizontally in editor

The auto-formatting that comes with typing ordered lists does not align the left margin of the list items, rather it gives a consistent space to the accompanying number (no matter how wide that number is).

It is reproducible by typing the following into the editor:

1. |
2. |

There is an even larger misalignment of the | characters as you move from 9. to 10..

Not a bug. If you want alignment, use a theme with a monospaced font.

Ok, it appears to be a bug, because of the semi-auto formatting done with markdown syntax. I.e. when I type "1. " it changes the vertical padding, shifts the numeral left a few pixels and makes it lower contrast. So it seems as if it’s creating a structured ordered list. In HTML, an ordered list tends to render its entries aligned, even without a monospaced font.

So I humbly suggest if this is not a bug in implementation it is a bug in specification for violating reasonable formatting expectations and rendering conventions for both syntax-aware markdown editors and HTML. As well as, like, how most editors tend to write structured ordered lists.