Order list display Issue -- displaying two dots instead of one

What I’m trying to do

It has confused me for long. I’m. using Obisidian Nord topic, Obsidian version v.1.5.3, on MacOS Sonoma 14.0.
The display of ordered list is always two dots instead of one.

Things I have tried

I have change my topics but it wouldn’t disappear.
topic Nord:
Big Sur Topic:
Atom topc:

Could anybody reappear this, or identify what might have caused this? Many thanks

Does this happens in the Sandbox vault (accessible through the command palette or the Help menu) with Restricted mode toggled On (or using Obsidian default theme, no plugin and no css snippet) ? :thinking:

This could be the result of any number of things :blush: : A theme bug, a plugin bug … a css snippet bug and/or a mix :innocent:


Thank you!!!
I checked all my third-party plugins according to your suggestion. That was my unupdated OUTLINER.
Now it is all fixed.

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