Options for Dataview calendar on mobile?

Hi all, considering moving from Notion to Obsidian for my simple note taking use case. For me two things are critical: the calendar view, and being able to do everything with the mobile app.

I have a Dataview calendar I’m playing with. I chose Dataview as it appears to be the most robust solution. Simple question - is there a way to customize what happens when you touch a day on the calendar? The current behavior is to pop a little preview of the note.

What I’m trying to do

In Notion, if I touch a day in the calendar, I can see the entries on that day and go to edit them. Is this possible in Dataview? Linking from the day to the note? Again in mobile.

Second, tho I could go without this, it’d be great to touch a day without a note and have it autocreate a note for that day.

Things I have tried

I have tried looking for documentation on the Dataview calendar view but there doesn’t seem to be much, especially for mobile use cases, and searching leads to various deadends, like I can’t use keyboard shortcuts on mobile.

Ended up using the Calendar plugin by Liam Cain. Not completely ideal as it’s only one calendar and not as customizable as Dataview, but it does the job.