Option to unfold headings/lists to reveal search results

Let’s say you search for something that is in a folded section.

When hovering over the search result, you are shown the result in the preview window (all sections are shown unfolded in the preview window).

When clicking on the search result, nothing happens. You’re not even centered on the section.

There could be an option when clicking on a search result to unfold all headings/lists to reveal it. Maybe while having a key pressed.

Ideally, this would be a toggle. Clicking on the search result again reverts it to the initial state.


I think this should be the default and this post labeled as a bug report. It’s really weird to click on a search result, have it take you somewhere where the result isn’t, and not even highlight anything.

If I click on the result twice it takes me to the search hit properly and highlights it. But before reading this post I just thought it was broken.

I was going to ask for it too. It is such a essential feature. +1 for this

I don’t know how it was before exactly, but now it works reading mode, but not in source or live preview.
Clicking on the result twice doesn’t help anymore.
I still think this should be labeled as a bug.

With the recent update live preview seems fixed. Somehow having to click twice in reading mode is still there.