Option to turning off the sidebar animation

Use case or problem

Because I always use hotkey to awaken sidebars, the waiting is really uncomfortable, and I know this is totally due to the UI design.

For comparison, when we use CMD+P or CMD+O to quickly select functions or files, it is really fast and comfortable! one of the major advantages of Obsidian over other Apps like Notion is that it is extremely fast, we may take the advantage more.

Proposed solution

Just put an option in the Preferences, so we can get the feature.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround now, no plugin can make this feature.


Sure. I’m looking for that feature too.

It’s actually pretty simple to implement, I just don’t know how to develop the plugin.
Has anyone completed a similar function?

Agreed, the newly introduced animation is unfortunately pretty annoying for me.

Personally love the sliding animation, but dang it if I don’t support customization and options. +1

A simple css snippet makes this possible:

.workspace-split.mod-left-split, .workspace-split.mod-right-split {
	transition: var(--anim-duration-none) !important;

Thank you so much for this, it worked!

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

Thankyou so much!