Option to store user-written plugins in vault

I’m not sure what the plugin API will look like, but please consider letting users author and store plugins in their personal vault.

I think this would encourage developers to iterate faster on plugin ideas and empower users who otherwise might not create a plugin to try to automate their workflow (especially if the included plugins are simple/open source).

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That makes senses, especially if you have a plugin that causes a crash at launch and just removing it from a ‘plugin’ local dir will fix it.

I would still think one local dir for plugin development is better to it works across all vaults.

That’s a great point.

I’d love to see some kind of “tiered” plugin resolving scheme… for example:

  1. First look in the local dir for {plugin dir name}
  2. Then, walk parent directories until root, looking for {plugin dir name}
  4. Then, download (and cache?) a plugin from anm external repository(ies?)

This way, users wouldn’t need to configure their plugin directory unless they have a setup with many vaults spread across the file system.

  • Tier 4 could be used for most users who want easy access to a plugin an its updates.
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 could be useful for plugin developers or users looking to automate their workflow.
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