Option to show embeds links in graph view

Use case or problem

I have many atomic notes which then being embedded into synthesis notes.
Currently, if i show all the atomic notes, then graph view is very crowded.
But if i put hide all the atomic notes, then the synthesis notes do not have any linkage to backlinks.

Proposed solution

Have a toggle option in graph view to show backlinks of embeds for the synthesis notes.

Current workaround (optional)

Connect the dots by hand using marker

@I-d-as workaround: “add normal links in headers above the embeds”


Your post came at a perfect time for me. I had actually assumed embeds did show up in graph view, and I was just starting a new document and workflow under that assumption.

That would have been a sad realization later. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I will just add normal links in headers above the embeds.

Edit: Just checked and realized that embeds in fact do show up in graph. I see now that you were talking about situations where you hide your atomic notes.

It may also be interesting to have depth options to allow the graph to have settings to show links from a note with an embed to the notes embedded within that note and so on.

Good idea.

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yeah, i think putting the links at the top of the synthesis notes is a great work around for now. Gonna take a while if the synthesis note is long though…

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Filtering graph by link types instead of by nodes might be possible in Neo4j Graph View Plugin.

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