Option to resize audio player

It seems the audio player is currently not resizable.

It would be really useful to be able to resize It.

When embedded in a dataview table, it takes too much space (too wide).

You could handle this with a CSS snippet.

I’m not skilled at CSS in Obsidian, so I don’t know if this is the best tag to use, but this successfully resizes an mp3 embed for me.

But I don’t know what all “media-embed” covers. So it might resize things you don’t want.

.media-embed { max-width: 200px !important;}

There may be other attributes you can edit to change the overall shape and size of the player display, rather than just it’s width. (Roundness, padding, etc.) I don’t know. There is also likely a way to only resize it when it is inside dataview.

Thanks for your suggestion !

However, I have no clue how to apply this only on audio player in a given dataview table ?