Option to press a key to create standard text from a link for consistency of terms / backlinks

Use case or problem

I need to use consistent terminology and spelling when writing in order to improve clarity, search and backlinking. Both links and tags give you an autocomplete / lookup so you can create accurate links / tags. Often you need to create these accurate terms but don’t want to pollute your documents with endless links. An example is that have notes on people as “firstname lastname.md” and I need to reference them frequently in notes and want to insert their names consistently but I don’t want links everywhere.

Proposed solution

Currently after pressing [[ and finding the right link term in the lookup you press enter to create the link or you can press #, ^ or | for other options. I would like to be able to press a different key (or even control/cmd-enter) and it would complete the term but omit the link brackets: delete the [[ I had typed before the term and not add the ]] at the end.

Current workaround (optional)

Simply create a link and then delete the [[]] around it. I say simple but very painful if you need to do this often.

Related feature requests (optional)

Couldn’t find any.

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