Option to link "Link-Pane" and "Back-link-Pane" to current note

Use case or problem

Suppose I am writing a long note on a subject and would like to link it (via links or backlinks) to other connected notes via the unlinked mentions. Whenever I switch to a note with an unlinked mention to verify the content (e.g. in an new Tab or Pane), and then switch back, I have to scroll through the list of links or backlinks to the point where I was before. That is rather tedious and, given the sometimes long list of possible links, takes a lot of time.

Proposed solution

Wouldn’t it be nicer to have an option to “link” the link- and backlink-panes to the respective note so that they scroll automatically to the place where I left of (in the original tab or pane) so that I can keep on working without having to scroll?
As this feature already exists in the linked panes (writing and reading-mode) I figure it should be also possible in this case, at least as an option in the respective panes …

Current workaround (optional)

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling … (manually … ;-))

Related feature requests (optional)

No need for a feature request, this is possible!

I know you can link them, so that the link-pane stays where it was in the note, but I would like to have it scrolling with the note, as it does in a linked tab in reading mode. Then you could just move/click somewhere in the note and could see instantly, which unlinked mentions there are in the surroundings.