Option to highlight parent indentation guide instead of child

Use case or problem

  • I use indentation guide for my outlining (note taking) process. After going a few sub bullets down, I would like to be able to visually identify am I under the right parent bullet. The current core feature “Show indentation guides” in Obsidian will only highlight (the relationship line) for the children bullets.
  • I’m currently using mgmeyer’s Indentation Guides plugin but the dev has “archived” it as Obsidian already adopt/“sherlocked” that feature.
  • See screenshot (at the bottom) for better understanding

Proposed solution

  • Have option to toggle whether to highlight the parent or child relationship line.

Current workaround (optional)

Additional Info

    • Currently, Obsidian’s “Show indentation guides” only highlight the child relationship line.
    • I want this relationship line to be highlighted as I prefer to visually identify am I under the right parent. This is using a plugin that’s no longer active.
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