Option to have parent node size carry over to child nodes

Use case or problem

Nodes currently change size based on how many individual nodes interact with them, which is great, but it can make it hard to navigate more elaborate graphs, where more important nodes may not interact with enough others to have a noticeable size difference. In my case, I’m using Obsidian to manage my notes for a DnD campaign I’m building, meaning I have a lot of notes, but the nodes at the center of the graph get lost in the general swarm.

Proposed solution

Essentially my proposal is to create a system where the size of nodes is partially influenced by the size of nodes that reference it. So for instance, in my case of worldbuilding, under the current system, if I have 3 major territories inside a country, the country node is tiny because it only interacts with the 3 territory nodes, while the territories are massive. With the revised option, the country node would be larger, and would then branch off into the slightly smaller territory nodes, and so on.

In simpler terms, this would create an option to have graphs more or less have nodes near the center be larger than those on the fringes. If included, it should definitely be an option, and not a mandatory feature, since I think both systems are useful for different scenarios, and I think there are many more opportunities for added customizability in the graph view.


+1 for this feature

It’s the same thing I suggested here:

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