Option to get a URL for bookmarks (similar to Copy Obsidian URL)

Use case or problem

currently the command on notes Copy Obsidian URL does not seem to be supported for bookmarks

Proposed solution

add support to generate the URL to the bookmarks so one can open bookmarks (and bookmarked folders) via links and scripts


I second this request. Then maybe we can set up Android widgets that open Obsidian objects through bookmark urls.

If a bookmark includes links to specific headers (e.g. path/file#header) then I wholeheartedly support and endorse this suggestion!

Related? URL Scheme: direct navigation to heading - #23 by ariehen

I would love to see a command for copy Obsidian URL for headings/codeblocks - available under ctrl/cmd p - in any case even without using a bookmark - … :smiley:

I wonder why they have bookmarks in the first place because URI scheme could be used to replace them. Just make better user support to utilize Obsidian URI:

  • command to generate links for headings (+ context menu command)
  • command to generate links for searches (+ 3 dots menu command)

The core problem with bookmarks is that they make your vault more disorganized and overloaded. That’s why we could use Inbox folder but inbox group for bookmarks isn’t very tempting idea. URLs give you more freedom how you want to use them and they don’t add clutter to your vault. I think properties is very excellent compromise between usability and utility, you could put your urls there for example.

For anyone reading my previous comment on this thread, this - Helper commands | Obsidian Advanced URI deals with my requirement very nicely. The plugin authors strike again - many thanks ! :+1: :+1: