Option to fold/unfold all level 1 blocks

Logseq has a beautiful feature where you can click on a line that connects two bullet points, and it collapses all blocks at the first level.

2022-02-25 12_11_43-Logseq

2022-02-25 12_14_38-Logseq

What’s beautiful about the feature is that it collapses all blocks only at the next level; it doesn’t go deeper than one level.


When you right-click on a triangle next to a block in Obsidian, a menu opens with the following options:

2022-02-25 12_18_46-Transformational Vocabulary - Obsidian v0.13.23

There could be another option in the menu with the same functionality as that in Logseq – so the option to fold/unfold all level 1 blocks.

There could also be a shortcut for this.
eg Clicking on a block-level triangle while keeping Ctrl pressed would fold/unfold all level 1 blocks.

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