Option to fade details on the graph instead of hiding them

Use case or problem

The graph view offers the option to show/hide certain types of nodes (tags, attachments, existing files, orphans). I’d find it useful to be able to fade details instead of hiding them. This way you can see them without them drawing focus.

By extension, I’d like to be able to precisely control what’s faded on the graph and what isn’t.

Proposed solution

In addition to the show/hide toggle, there could be an additional show/fade toggle (where it makes sense).

There could also be an option to invert fade. Let’s say I want to see only the orphans in focus. I would choose to fade them, and then invert focus.


Related feature requests:

You can maybe do this with the Neo4j Graph View. You can style nodes based on their tags or whether they’re orphans and images. See this page for help on styling https://publish.obsidian.md/semantic-obsidian/Node+styling

Thank you Emile. I will try it out.

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Another idea is a Show/Fade/Hide compound-button instead of the current Show/Hide toggle.