Option to display/hide filetypes in navigation bar on the left

Use case or problem

I don’t use assets folders. Instead I rename all assets the same name as the file ending with a number, and put them in the same folder. If I need to move a file outside Obsidian I instantly know which other files to grab.

In Windows explorer I have a batch file that auto hides everything except the md files, and with Explorer set to “hide files” (the left column in the screenshot)I get a nice clean look of my md files, but it’s just a click of a mouse to display all hidden files if I must (the right column)


I would like a similar “hidden items” type checkbox for my Obsidian navigation pane on the left. I need to display the png and jpg etc files when I first save them in my folder so that I can select them and rename them the same as the relevant md file. But once that’s done, they just all get in the way.

Proposed solution

Perhaps this is a plugin issue, in which case I trust the moderators to move my request.

The best solution is to have a simple checkbox at the top of the navigation pane where we currently have the following


It would just show/hide hidden items. Of course there would be a setting to determine which extensions we want to show/hide.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I can see.

Just found this similar thread: Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer