Option for sticky inline titles (show even when scrolled down)

Use case or problem

Sometimes I would like to have my notes’ inline titles to always be visible. For example, when working with many tabs, it can be easy to forget which note you are reading, and the tabs are too small to show the full note name. Of course there is the full title visible directly below the tabs at the top of the note, but this also shows the folder path hierarchy the note is situated within, which limits the length of the available space which sometimes causes the end to be truncated.

Proposed solution

Let there be a setting for sticky inline titles. This way, even when scrolling down into a note, the full inline title will remain large and visible at the top of the note.

Current workaround

You can hover over the tab. This reveals a popup which shows the entire note name.

Another workaround might be to use a css snippet for the file path at the top of the note, thus forcing it to be larger and use line wrap to show entire file name, possibly toggling the breadcrumbs off.


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Personally speaking, I’d likely tend towards doing this with CSS. But it’s a good FR.

I just wanted to reply with another workaround. The “Quick Switcher” plugin adds a full-width bar at the bottom of the app, showing the full path to the note. The lovely part of that is that the breadcrumb path can also used to quickly navigate. (It also stops the word count from overlapping content in the panes.)

Downside: This wouldn’t show the path to multiple notes, in separate panes, as your FR would.

Screenshot, with a bonus fungus fact:

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