Option for Rich text Editor - Click of the Mouse

Hi all,

I’d love the ability to have a rich-text editor popup somewhere on the Obsidian screen (indentation, text alignment, etc). for those times when you’d like to take a break from markdown and just get your formatting down ask quickly as possible and with very little fiddling.

I think it could be very useful especially when getting started with Obsidian, to quickly get your thoughts written down


Is this request the same as A WYSIWYM (Typora-like) editing mode?


No, more like an actual rich text one can navigate with their mouse, in addition to using markdown. Hope this helps! :

So, in other words, an edit bar with formatting options. Exclusive of WYSIWYG or markdown, you just want to be able to select text and click a visual button to e.g., set bold.


Something like this maybe?



Yes something like that, exactly! :slight_smile:

I second this. as someone who’s new to markdown this is a big barrier to entry on the desktop client. glad to see it exists on mobile though!

that being said the HTML conversion is a huge help

It’s not in the community store yet (but should be soon).

cc @Chetachi