Option for not displaying Zettelkasten prefix in Markdown-Links

Use case or problem

If I link a Zettelkasten note with Zettelkasten prefix I usually use something like [[202204092046 Zettel title]]. The displayed link text is 202204092046 Zettel title. If I want the Zettelkasten prefix not to be displayed (because I don’t need it to be displayed in the text) I have to use an extra title like [[202204092046 Zettel title|Displayed title]]. In case I change the Zettel file name / Zettel title the links are updated but not the manually set displayed title (in this example Displayed title). I would have to change all the manually set titles.

Proposed solution

Implement the optional possibility to have the Zettelkasten prefix not displayed in rendered Link text: [[202204092046 Zettel title]] > Zettel title

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strongly agree. I need this, too

There’s a workaround: You can use a frontmatter meta datum for displaying as filename: GitHub - Snezhig/obsidian-front-matter-title (see also Use H1 or front-matter title instead of or in addition to filename as display name - #125 by Iris)

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