Opening markdown file without assigning it to a Vault

Hello, Currently I use another tool(Typora) to write my markdown files, and those markdown files are not saved in their dedicated folder - they stand alone like a regular file.

I want to use Obisidian to edit my markdown files, but it appears Obsidian wants me to place markdown files in a dedicated folder known as Vault so Obsidian can save its own setting in those folder.

I am wondering if it is possible to open an individual markdown file in Obsidian without assigning it to a particular Vault.

Thank you!

This is not possible. I am curious about why you’d like this option—Obsidian is designed as a way of working with multiple markdown files. To open a vault of one file doesn’t make much sense to me!

(Of course, you can create a feature request for this functionality.)

I have many existing markdown files scattered all over the place, and I want them there for organization purposes. I don’t want to put them in their dedicated folder yet.

Essentially, I want to use Obsidian as a markdown editor for the time being before I change the organizational structure of the markdown files.

Sure. Feel free to create a feature request, following the template. (You can copy+paste stuff from here for it as desired.)

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