Opening linked note in adjacent tab group

I want the option to open the note inside the adjacent tab group so that way I don’t have to keep navigating back to my main note.

My workflow gets interrupted with me having to switch back and forth from my main note to my linked notes.

Using Command click (Mac) opens the note in a new tab, while Command + Option opens an entire new tab group.

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Yes, i think there should be an option to avoid creating a tab group on the right if one already exists. Maybe it should be the default even.

A big plus 1 to this.

FWIW I really like the new approach. One of the reasons is I see the ability to mimic other tools “left pane automatic open and list” views. I suspect many people will see the value in having a “working note” pinned in one column and a stacked tab group in an adjacent column where you can scroll between the notes quickly. Being able to automatically open (or with some hotkey click combo) in that stacked group would be huge