Opening a link on a new pane scrolls the original pane up

Steps to reproduce

  1. Scroll down a long note
  2. Cmd+click in preview mode (or Cmd+shift+click on Edit mode) on a link to open another note on a new pane

Expected result

Either the first pane does not scroll up or scrolls just a little bit, enough to still be able to locate the clicked link from the original pane (keep the clicked link on the screen, preferably exactly where I clicked it vertical-wise).

Actual result

Original pane scrolls way up. Would have to scroll way down to locate where I left off.


  • Operating system: macOS Mojave
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information

I can’t reproduce, can you post a short gif/video?

Screen-Recording-2020-07-17-at-8.35 (sorry if it’s too small)

Ok, maybe it doesn’t scroll WAY up (could’ve sworn it was worse), but the link does leave the screen. If the note had way more links I’d get lost.

It’s not way up. It’s a little bit up.

What happens is that a new pane is created, there is less horizontal space, so the line wrap point changes. The note is more vertically stretched, there is a longer vertical bar.
The page view is readjusted so that the first line of the old view is the first line in the new view.

Not sure if I consider this a bug. We’ll think about it.