"Open today's note" command starts in edit mode

Small bug report: even if you’ve set your “Default view mode” to open in preview (not edit), “open today’s note” opens it in edit mode.


Maybe we should follow default view when today’s note already exists. If today’s note doesn’t exist, it really doesn’t make sense to me to have it open in preview – you’re going to write something anyways, right?


Ah yeah - I didn’t think about the case where it doesn’t exist. (I have automation creating it.)
But yes - if it already exists I’d love for it to respect the default. I often go back to it to peruse my plan!


I don’t use daily notes and I still want to have this toggle. Right now, from search results, everything opens in Edit mode, despite toggling to Preview mode.

BTW, is the only way to toggle by assigning hotkeys? I can’t find a menu anywhere.

Command palette probably works better.

@dregar Now it is available also in menu:

This is more appropiate as a feature request. If one isn’t open yet, open a new one.

I’m still having this issue. I have I template of daily note and would like to open in preview mode not edit mode. Would anyone be able to provide a solution. Thank you for your help.