Open Source the Live Preview (WYSIWYG) Component

Dear Developers,

You have explained why Obsidian is not open source, and the reasons are compelling. But I would appreciate it if you could reconsider the open source of Live Preview (WYSIWYG editor).

Unlike other components, WYSIWYG Markdown editors are tricky to develop. They require a lot of work, and often have annoying bugs. I guess maybe the development of such a component could take benefit from the active community of Obsidian. In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt Obsidian to open source this part of the code separately.

Live Preview actually has quite a few problems. Many nested elements are not rendered correctly. For example:

You can find more at Topics tagged live-preview. Most of them haven’t been fixed for a long time, and I can’t wait any longer.

Since I don’t find any plans for the Live Preview on roadmap, you are focusing on something more important. Then open source communities may be a solution to this problem.

P.S. Perhaps you want to refactor rather than tinker with the current editor, then open source is not an appropriate solution. But please at least tell us more about your plans. Do you have plans to enhance the current Live Preview editor? Will the new Live Preview editor become like Typora, block-based, or will it remain line-based as it is now? And when?

Thanks a lot!

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