Open Quick doesn't find a short file name

i have a file named

if i quick search for gdt … it doesn’t appear!
but i get many other files with gdt in the filename
i tried renaming it to but doesn’t change.

NB: mac 0.10.1

I don’t think there’s a bug here. quick search shows up to 10 relevant matches. 030_gdt is less relevant that the other files (that all start with gdt)

well… the bug is that gdt is quite the exact filename!
i don’t know what kind of score drives this fuzzy searcher, but 030_gdt (which is the main page) should get higher score, no?

or at least decrease the score of images! (i don’t want to use the quick open switcher to find an image!

The finding the right weights in fuzzy search is more an art than a science.

I am surprised you believe that when you search gdt
should score higher that this

Decreasing the score of images is something to think about.

well… i they were all .md in the root directory i wouldn’t be surprised…
but since those are all images in a subdirectory, and in in the main and the 030 is (obviously, i say, but machines don’t :slight_smile: ) a prefix number just to sort the files…well. yes i expected my summary file to be the first in the list :slightly_smiling_face:
if we decrease a bit attachments (just in the quick search!) it would go perfect.

thank you!