Open pdf in system viewer and not Obsidian by default

I would like that when I click on a link to a pdf in my vault it opens in the system viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) and not in the Obsidian viewer. Is there a setting or plugin that would enable this?

Things I have tried

The closest I got to the required behaviour was to use an absolute path to a file outside my vault of the form [[test pdf]](<file:///C:/user/documents/test/test.pdf>). This will open in the system pdf app, but only works with absolute paths, so is impossible to sync between windows and android. If it could be done with relative paths I would have a viable work round.

What Iā€™m trying to do

The main reason for wanting pdfs to open in the default viewer is that on the Android device I am using (Onyx Boox NoteAir 2) the pdfs created using the Boox note taking software crash Mobile Obsidian permanently. (Obsidian on Windows displays them just fine - I reported the bug.)

Other reasons this behaviour might be useful:

  1. On mobile there are pdf viewers that make much better use of the limited screen size than Obsidian.
  2. Often I want to edit the pdf, so it is easier to open in an app that can view and edit pdfs.

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