Open Obsidian in the last closed state

Use such feature in many application:

  1. Working
  2. Close
  3. Open the same environment in the same place as it was and continue to works

I tried to find but no success

What do you mean by close here :innocent: ?

Just closing the current window/currently opened vault (leaving Obsidian open in the background) or completely quitting Obsidian while your vault is opened ?

I mean, I do the latter: quitting Obsidian while having, I think, 5 vaults opened… All my vaults are reopened as they previously were when I re-launch Obsidian later …

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Yes, I mean completely quit, close it. I have Homepage plugin, but it doesn’t work in the way I want. Just want to open and start to work from where I was

I don’t use Homepage so I don’t really know how to guide you here :no_mouth:

It could be worth to try quitting Obsidian after disabling and/or uninstalling Homepage while keeping some notes opened to see if Obsidian, when re-launched, is as you previously left it.

Great, thanks a lot, working as I wish now. Installed too many plugins. Migrating from Evernote, researching

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