Open links in external software faster

Hello! I am working with large amount of literature in pdf’s. It is very tiresome to open pdf externally:

  1. First click on pdf link to open new window;
  2. Resize window to see More options appear “…”;
  3. Click to open in external editor;
  4. Close the pdf window;
  5. Resize other windows back.

Would be nice to do it faster.

You can setup a shortcut to “Open with default app”, making your 2 to 5 steps into a single one, does that work for you?
If not how would it be better?

As far as i see this key works for already opened file.

Perfect way for me will be to click on the link with modifier keys pressed.
For example (Shift+Cmd+Click) to open externally.

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That is true, but it’s still better than having to resize the windows (twice) and click on the “More Options” and only then “Open with default app”.

Oh that would be better yes.
Edit: That and Shift+Alt+Enter similar to “Follow link under cursor”

I’m looking for an easier way to open a PDF in an external app on the Android mobile app, particularly transcluded ones (but also just direct file links).