Open linked note to the right of current note

What I’m trying to do

I am revising a note and the notes linked to it. When the linked note needs edits, I would like to open it in the pane that is already open to the right of the pane that holds the current note. When I am done with the edits, I will leave it there and continue in the left note, until I come to the next link, which I then want to open to the right again, this time replacing the previous note there.

Things I have tried

I tried various ways to achieve this, for example using the right-click-menu on the link and select ‘open to the right’. This makes the current pane smaller and displays the link there, but leaves the right pane alone.
Is there a way to achieve what I want? Ideally the solution would work with the keyboard only.

Currently there is no way to open a specific link in a given tab. It’ll either replace the current tab, or open in a new tab. You can’t easily re-use a tab like I’m understanding you want. Not sure if there any plugins capable of doing so either.

The only slightly similar approach I know of would be to use the hover editor plugin, where you get a popup window to edit the linked noted, and when you close it down after editing, you’re back where you started.

Dear @holroy,
Thank you for suggesting the hover editor plugin. That sounds like a good enough workaround for my purpose!

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