Open in default app command broken for excel files with iCloud sync

After having moved my folders from the desktop to iCloud drive, I do not manage anymore to open some documents using the option “open in default app”. Rather, it appears a message saying that the document has not been found. However, the document is still in its previous folder. Indeed the command “show in system explorer” still works, but even from the finder (I am a Mac user) I cannot open it using excel, while I can do so using the app called Numbers.
Is it possible that this behaviour is due to a Mac issue?
The only explanation I can guess is given by the fact that I moved the obsidian folder inside iCloud drive. Nevertheless, before installing the obsidian mobile app, the obsidian folder was located on the desktop which, in turn, was sync with iCloud drive.
I have the latest version of obsidian.
Does someone have some ideas to solve this issue or have experienced a similar problem?

I it doesn’t work in finder, this is not an obsidian problem

Probably, I did not explain in a proper way my mind.
I did not want to say that the “open in the default app” command has to work in finder. I know that this command does not work there.
The point is rather that excel documents cannot be opened neither in Obsidian using the command “open in default app”, nor in finder, if I open the local folder, simply clicking on the document in the standard way. And this happened starting from when I moved obsidian folder to iCloud drive to use the mobile app.
Please, if you or someone else has an idea of what I should do to solve this issue advise me about it.
Many thanks

I second this. Is there a way to make “open in the default app” work in iCloud sync? And if not, are there any plans to make this work?

WhiteNoise, please tell me something about what I wrote. Do you use iCloud and are you able to make “open in default app” working in it??