Open folder as a vault like VS Code (via file manager and terminal)


Right now to open a vault you need to: press the button “Open another vault” (left inferior corner), then “Open folder as a vault”, navigate to the folder path and select the folder (4 steps).


It would be much easier navigate to your folder path with the file manager app or the terminal and open it:

  1. just click right button and select open with Obsidian
  2. open via terminal like Visual Studio Code code . (open the current directory)

Did you find any solution?

This is kind of how I want to use Obsidian also… as a markdown focused view on top of my repositories. This would go hand in hand with needing to blacklist and/or whitelist directories from obsidian’s content graph & index.

Have another issue about it here: Actually excluding paths from Obsidian entirely - #3 by martaver

hi it can help you