Open files directly from Obsidian

I would love to have the option to hyperlink to files on my computer and the option to open these files from Obsidian. in the markdown style of [MY AWESOME FILE](C:/my awesome file.pdf)

Is it possible in Obsidian and I have missed it?

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It ist possible, but you need URL encoding for the link.

I do it as follows in Windows 10. I first open the document in Chrome browser (CTRL+O). Then I paste the URL encoded link from the address line into the Obsidian link.

Here is an example of a link to a PDF document which is stored in folder H:\_downloads

[Article (S. Aaronson, 2020) - The Busy Beaver Frontier (Survey) v2.pdf](file:///H:/_downloads/Article%20(S.%20Aaronson,%202020)%20-%20The%20Busy%20Beaver%20Frontier%20(Survey)%20v2.pdf)

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Thanks for the feedback. You need to add the “file:///” part in the beginning. And I got it working - [MY AWESOME FILE](file:///C:/my awesome file.pdf)

Do you know if the opposite is also possible. To open a specific file from Explorer or some other location in Obsidian using"Obsidian:" format?

I use a lot of Todoist and previously linked to specific OneNote pages. I would like to keep my project reference in Obsidian and would love the option to link directly to Obsidian from Todoist.