Open file from explorer in most recently used tab across all windows

I just found out about Obsidians feature to put notes into external windows. This is really great as I now have dedicated work areas where I tried differentiating before with only workplace layouts.

Use case or problem

When I open a file from the explorer, it will not display in the external window, even if there is an active tab.

Proposed solution

Files opened from the explorer should always open in active tabs, no matter where this active tabs resides

Current workaround (optional)

Workaround is to open the note and drag it over to the other window. This is cumbersome and will also take the notes history with it which is unwanted.
Only “clean” way is to open in newtab and drag this over.

I retitled the thread to be more specific. (Was: “Access file explorer files in external window”.)

In your workaround, you can skip opening the note and just drag it from the file explorer to the tab bar of a window.