Open external file on Windows opens Store dialog instead of the file

I am trying to migrate from MarkdownMonster to Obsidian (on Windows) and found that Obsidian fails to open xgr files (QVGE GraphEditor). XGR extension is registered and both MarkdownMonster and Windows Explorer correctly launch QVGE GraphEditor when clicked on XGR files.

Obsidian opens Store dialog (the Windows dialog that offers to look for a compatible program in the Store)

Steps to reproduce

Install QVGE graph editor
Add a link to graph file like
[Model 3](Core\Model_3.xgr)
Click on the link

Expected result

QVGE graph editor (program that is associated with XGR extension) is launched

Actual result

Windows system dialog suggesting looking in the Store


  • Operating system:
    Windows 10
  • Obsidian version:


MarkdownMonster is on github
See OpenFile() and GoUrl()

we will have better support for external files in 0.7 using file:///