Open community theme doesn't work well

It seems that the open community theme doesn’t work well.

After the click of “See community themes”, obsidian will show "fetching theme community data … " and then disappeared, but no further reaction.

Environment: Win 10
Obsidian version: 0.9.1

They work for me. Are you behind some kind of firewall?

I used a VPN. The firewall would not be a problem.

I think all the themes are on github if that works better for you.
More complex route because you’d probably have to go through the CSS themes thread to find one you like.

Personally, I find the Traffic Lights and the Nick Milo themes much better for glare in dark mode than the default theme. I’ve not tried them all though.

Definitely something with your network…

All the themes can be found here, if the in app catalog doesn’t work:

@Silver This link no longer works, would you please give a new one?

The old theme file has been deprecated. Here’s the new one:

@Silver Cool, this link works fine! But I haven’t found an instruction for how to use this file, sorry I’m quite new to Obsidian.
So far I found that opening community themes and plugins are not working, but automatic updates seems working fine. This makes me a bit confusing. Please take a look at the screenshots in my another thread: