Open and general access to vault

Things I have tried

Looking around on this forum and internet for some solutions that fit what I want. No success. Checked Obisidan Sync and Publish, but do not fit neither.

What I’m trying to do

I am looking for a solution that allows general people (not selected people), to access a vault from their local Obsidian in their devices. The use of Obsidian desktop app is a must, Publish UI is too simplified (plugins, layout, etc).

The aim is that any person can access the vault, the vault be able to be updated by few authorized people, so anyone will see an updated version of it.

Some additional/bonus aspects, if possible, would be:

  • Read only for everybody but for a few authorized people
  • Encrypted
  • Free
  • Anonymous for the reader (no need to login or sign up)

Is that possible?

Thank you!

Is the vault too large to put on GitHub? You can authorise github users to modify the vault. Though the readers won’t receive automatic updates. (Or at least not easily, you could maybe set up something with the obsidian git plugin and cron jobs?)
Put the vault on Google Drive, add the authorised users with read/write access, set the read access to “anyone with the link”.

Then the users can install the gdrive desktop app, make the shared vault folder offline, then open it as a vault in obsidian.

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