Only Highlight View

What if we can see only the highlighted text in a note? It will be great for reviewing large chunk of text, but without scrolling the parts that we did not consider important, thus keeping the gist of it. Great when you want to refresh your memory on a topic quickly.

For a better readability, it will be great to keep the headers (#, ##. ### etc)
and maybe get rid of the color of the highlight, displaying like simple text.

What do you think?


I can totally think of cases where that’d be useful for me, great idea !

There is a plugin for that, kind of.

Yeah, I already know that plug in, it kinda works but for me is too cumbersome

This will be a step further in practicality and readability.

Practicality because you don’t have to manually copy the highlight in a new note, but you can switch the view with a simple button in the same note.

Readability because it can preserve the main structure with titles, giving a context from where the highlight have been extracted.

…unfortunately i haven’t any programming skills so I’ll wait until someone considers this plugin worth making, but i think it can be great.

By the CSS snippet using hierarchical tags I showed on Reddit, I think you can do what you want.

You can use queries to list markers in a folder or in a note.

(Unfortunately, it’s in Japanese, so it may be hard to understand).

You can do this with an embedded search!

The search results show some extra text around the highlights, but the highlights are highlighted.