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Dear community,

I want to work together with with others on one vault. How can this be organized. The people are not in the same LAN. Eventually it is possible to use a static IP address. Any suggestions how to do it best?

I used the sync functionality to work with several computers with one account in a LAN which worked more or less fine (see my help topic about data loss).

I searched the forum for collaboration and ‘one vault many user’ etc. but could not find hints. May be there are better key words to find some information in here. Any help or ideas are highly welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Kaian perhaps a structure where each user has their own directory + some shared folders? like traditional operating systems


I’m interested in this too. I’m a high school philosophy teacher and I’m planning to have my students build a collaborative zettelkasten on their course material over the next year, and then write essays out of that.

I’m planning to use a shared Google Drive folder for this purpose—haven’t tested but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

As for differentiating people’s contributions, one idea I had was to use tags. Joe’s work for week 3 is marked #joe #week3, eg. Folders would work, too.

Hi Cristian,
thank you for your input!
The task is to work on one vault with several/many user over the internet.

I have vault sync arranged between my own devices using Syncthing: SyncTrayzor on WIndows and Syncthing-Fork on Android.
On conflict Syncthing places both versions on disk, renaming one of them in a way that retains the file extension, so resolution can be done inside Obsidian.
No specific network layout requirements, communication happens over public relays and is encrypted.


The beauty of Obsidian is that any syncing solution you can come up with for the files should work, I think? For a class it might be easiest if you keep the files on a Google Drive folder that you share with a link, or similar with Dropbox.

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