One query "overpowering" all others

I have a dataview query that works perfectly without a condition, but when I insert that condition it breaks it.
My query is:

FROM "Calendar"
WHERE (contains(tags, "daily") & date = date(today)) |
(date.weekyear = date(today).weekyear & date(weekday, "EEEE").weekday = date(today).weekday) |
(day = date(today).day) |
(contains(tags, "task") & date = date(today))

the section date(weekday, "EEEE").weekday = date(today).weekday (Transforms a string like “Monday” into 1 and compares it to today’s weekday index) breaks the query into ONLY showing the tasks who have the metadata “weekday” set to today’s weekday. if I remove that single line it will show all the other querys on the logical ORs. I don’t understand this behaviour as my logic looks fine.

I have tried several test cases, and in any order, in any type of logic I throw at it, as soon as I paste that section, it automatically just querys that specific query.

I think that may be the use of today in date(weekday, “EEEE”).weekday = date(today).weekday, try using now instead of today like so date(weekday, “EEEE”).weekday = date(now).weekday

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