One Note with Multiple Link Destinations?

What I’m trying to do

Trying to come up with details for a hypothetical video game. Rather than having a note for each character, I’d like to have one note called ‘Characters’ and in that have each character’s name as link to be linked to.


Note= Characters. Character entry [[Aithne]]: characters descriptions and other details.

Then in another note called Municipalities, have a town called Oakmere and under that town list its characters where [[Aithne]] is meant to direct to the Aithne entry in Characters.

Perhaps this is impossible?

Things I have tried

No idea how to even search for this query so didn’t search the forums, sorry. I did read the user’s guide which leads me to believe but did not confirm in my mind that doing this is impossible.

I checked for misspellings, restarted the app, updated to latest version, have no plugins installed. I even created an entry called [[Test]]: this is a test and then added [[Test]] to the municipalities note. Every time i click a link, it creates a new blank note titled whatever the name of the link was.

I don’t know if you missed this page in the help. Link to headers. Link to blocks:

Thanks I read this but for some reason didn’t ‘get it’. Don’t know why it clicked now but it did. Thanks again.

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