One note always shows properties collapsed

I have one specific note in my vault that always shows the properties collapsed when opened. This happens in live preview mode and source mode. I have no css installed related to properties. I have tried restarting Obsidian and it still occurs. Any ideas of why this could be happening???

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What theme are you using? Are there any settings in Style Settings dealing with properties you can adjust (if you use Style Settings)?

I saw this a few times with a setting in the Minimal theme a while back.

You could also try copying the contents into a new note. If that’s fine, use the new note going forward.

I use the minimal theme. I checked both style settings and minimal theme settings and didn’t see anything that was set that would cause this. I made a copy of the note and the problem went away… deleted the original, renamed the copy to the original name and the problem went away. Weird. Thanks.

I’ve noticed that if you expand the front matter in source mode, the expanded state doesn’t affect the expanded state of properties in reading view. And when you switch back to source mode, the front matter is collapsed again.

If you expand the properties in reading view instead, and then switch back and forth between this mode and source mode, both the properties and front matter should remain open. Does that solve the issue?

The setting that was jamming things up for a few folks was the Hide Properties heading which was enabled by default (at first). It hid the Properties heading, but also the collapse/folding icon ( > ), so some notes got in a semi-permanent collapsed state.

kepano has since reversed the default setting.

Regardless, glad it’s sorted. Sometimes when a note or two is misbehaving, it’s a better use of your time to just make a new one and send to old one on its merry way.

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