Once using Obsidian, do you need? see below

I just started using Obsidian for the past month. Now, I do not see the need for Notability, GoodNotes, Day One, Notes, or even Drafts, since Obsidian has this as part of the system.
Please share your valued thoughts?


I had previously reduced my apps to Notes for personal, OneNote for work, and Things for tasks. I did not take daily notes, only meeting notes, and I took no “evergreen” notes.

Now, Obsidian is where I take personal, work, and evergreen notes, and I’ve started capturing tasks next to the notes they apply to (and rolling up with the tasks plugin), so Things gets used less and less.

I do use Notes for quick capture and hand written notes on iPad. Otherwise, Obsidian is eating everything in a good way.


I’m a writer. Obsidian has superseded and replaced Scrivener, Ulysses, Bear, Notes, Pages, and Day One.

Angel – :angel:


Yep, Obsidian FTW!. I still use Things though and DevonThink but Obsidian is my main note-taking app.

Obsidian’s a fantastic tool. Jack of all trades, really. Sometimes, though, an app that is “Feature X (and also feature Y, and feature Z)” isn’t as good at doing feature Y as an app dedicated to just feature Y.

I use Obsidian, Todoist, and Drafts. Draft is better for quick capture on my watch, phone, and just in general. Todoist is better at managing tasks in a way that works well for my brain, and the Todoist plugin is a fantastic piece of work. I also use Notability on iPad if I feel the need to hand-write something. I’d love an iPad app that’d let me easily export written/drawn notes(either as images or as text) to Obsidian.

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Like @Angel, I use Obsidian for my writings. I only need OpenOffice for the spell check and exporting in E-Pub or PDF but I don’t use Scrivener or any other tools. I just use Sleek for my tasks and recalls but without need for setting an alarm for my rendez-vous, I would not need this app either.

With a little effort, Scrivener can be completely out of my toolbox.